Family Office Solutions

Our Family Office Solutions cater to high net worth individuals by helping them to understand the nature and size of their wealth. We work with high net worth individuals to define their long-term goals and priorities, structure their holdings in an efficient manner and invest to achieve their goals.


Our Family Office Solutions are led by our in-house team; complimented by a team of specialists across the accounting, tax and legal sectors and supported by comprehensive systems and technology. We centrally coordinate and manage all aspects of this process ensuring seamless integration and effective oversight of all functions and confidentiality.

Family Office Consulting

We evaluate the size, needs, goals and desires of the Patriarch/Matriarch to determine what service model is best suited to their requirements. Our team will establish the protocols, procedures and internal controls needed to manage risk while adapting to inevitable but unanticipated changes. With the input of our clients and other specialist advisors, we orchestrate the administrative, legal, accounting, tax, and project management aspects to create the foundation for a clear and sustainable strategy.

Family Governance

We work with our clients to establish proper governance over the family estate to guide future generations. We work with them in presenting such governance to the Family Members and act as a trusted manager and advisor through time.

Investment Consulting

We have developed close relationships with several money managers and investment firms around the world, representing a diverse spectrum of styles, disciplines, and risk tolerances.

Tax planning and Compliance

For wealthy individuals, tax mitigation and compliance strategies are essential. With the help of our technical experts we evaluate all the latest techniques and tactics for efficacy to mitigate the tax burdens our clients face.

Portfolio Consolidation and Reporting

We initially collect, collate and present the relevant details relating to the client’s net worth in a manner that makes the most sense to them. We then process, present and maintain all financial information received on an ongoing basis from banks, hedge funds, private equity investments, direct investments and corporate company results. We prepare periodic reports and compare them against the goals set by the client including yearly budgets and cash flow forecasts. All reports are designed to be simple yet concise and can be customized according to the client’s preferences.

We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs.

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