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Our Clients are Private Institutional Clients, our term for owners of Small and Medium size Enterprises, whose wealth is often amalgamated between corporate and private assets. We are a consulting, advisory and management solutions firm that brings together the crucial skills and experience to analyze, advise, structure and execute solutions to address the challenges and plans of our Private Institutional Clients whether for their corporate or private holdings.

Unlike traditional advising firms who specialize either in private or corporate holdings, we work with the owners to assess the relative performance of both corporate and private investments and their impact on their owners. We work in a bespoke manner to assess our clients’ needs and unique situation, explore their growth plans and the effective management of their wealth. We step into their shoes and look at both their corporate holdings as well as their private investments. 

Our unique approach is delivered through 3 interconnected disciplines:
Corporate Services
Consulting & Advisory Service
Family Office Solutions
Human Capital Solutions

We start at the top and engage our clients through a structured conversation to assess their unique situation and provide consultation and solutions in their estate planning, structuring, management, investment management and governance. This inherently covers tax planning, fiscal residency and other family office needs. On the Corporate side, our services include Strategic & Financial Advisory Service, Sales & Divestitures, Acquisitions, Business Planning, Human Capital Solutions and other Business Solutions.

Our Corporate Services focuses on the jurisdictions in which we are present. In the UAE, we are focused on the onboarding of our clients’ business and private estate holdings to this regional commercial hub and zero tax rate jurisdiction. In Cyprus, we leverage the extensive double tax treaty framework and in Switzerland the impeccable reputation of the Swiss State and their financial services.

We can deliver this broad but carefully constructed set of services either through our in-house teams or carefully selected and tested associates, all of which are highly qualified professionals with extensive and recognized experience in their field.

We adhere to very high standards of customer service delivery. We operate in compliance with strict confidentiality and the highest level of service.


Capricorn Tower 1204,
SZR, (DIFC area)
P.O. Box 212 997
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 358 7877


4 Menandrou Street
Gala Tower, Office 401
1066 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 99 576 006


Limmatquai 2
8001 Zürich

Tel: +41 79 330 2993
Loggerhead Partners
Loggerhead Partners is a marketing name for the executive management solutions and consulting of Loggerhead Management Consultants and Loggerhead Partners Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.  Loggerhead Partners or any of its affiliates (collectively, "LP") makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information herein.
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